Howdy You Clicked Roll4ItBobbi and ended up here, don’t be confused you are in the right place. I am also known as BadWolf Bobbi.

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in April of 2017 and it quickly become an obsession. I also love the shiny math click clacks and I need them all (not really but I want so many). At one point I was in 5 different games, I have scaled back and currently in 3. Our year long dive into the Fate System playing The Dresden Files RPG, just ended. We are now going to do once a month one offs, to become more flexible players. Also here there is a on going series with my original character and his best friend when they took a break from their game if you would like to check out The Friendship and Adventures of Siobhan and TootToot (Click Here to Start From the Beginning).


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